How it Works


Synergistic interaction between individual components delivers a result that is many times higher than the effect of individual components.  This synergy affords us an ability to write a new arithmetic equation, '1 & 1 = 11' that defines enhanced product performance.

Some components in our Heath Naturally formulations act as catalysts and stimulate the natural bio-cycles in the body to accelerate healing and repair (anabolism).  Simultaneously, other components work to decrease and down regulate the degradation process at the specific sites in the body.  

For example, a component in Arthricept down regulates MMP's (Matrix MetalloProtenaises) which digest or break down cartilage, resulting in arthritis and pain.  A combination of these two activities increased - healing and repair and decreased tissue degradation - promote faster recovery and reduced pain.  Formulations also increase blood circulation further supporting healing by bringing in nutrients and taking away metabolic waste. Ingredients in Health Naturally products work in sync delivering the right combination, at the right levels to the right site in the body enhancing the therapeutic effect many fold.  As a result, our products provide faster relief and benefits.  

Another key aspect of Arthricept and Health Naturally products is that they contain significant levels of potent natural antioxidants that reduce free radical formation and prevent oxidative damage at the cellular level. 

Using the combination of our topical and oral products simultaneously increases site specific activity in the area of application to provide faster relief and healing.  The synchronized activity of the combination used together provides natural biological balance, increased activity, reduction of pain and stress, assisting cellular detoxification and antioxidant balance, and helping to strengthen and repair the body.  The overall result is individual well-being and an improved quality of life. 



A clinical field study using a combination application of the Arthricept oral and topical products was evaluated in 33 compromised volunteers with multiple joint problems and pain ailments. The Arthricept topical and oral combination regimen provided significant benefit with greater than 80% success rate within the first month of use. At the end of the three month trial period 25 participants were completely pain free and an additional 5 were pain free in daily life but experience minimal residual pain during and after strenuous tasks.

At start of the field study, the daily life of each volunteer was significantly impacted by regular chronic pain and in many cases continuous pain. All were suffering with chronic pain in more than one joint for a minimum of six months. All volunteers had significantly compromised range of motion. Some had pain for many years. Ages ranged from 25 to 68 years with median age of 58 years. All were taking pain medications. All volunteers have tried or were using multiple standard or alternate treatments with minimal or no benefit and were not helped by these therapies.
Various therapies that were listed were, Cortisone shots, nerve blocks, narcotics, antidepressant, NSAIDs, physical therapy and exercise program, massage, chiropractors, acupuncture, hypnosis, psychotherapy, biofeedback, homeopathy, prolotherapy, relaxation training, TENS, surgery and implant.
At the end of three month trial period 25 volunteers were completely pain free and were able to complete many strenuous tasks that they could not do earlier additional 5 had minimal pain at times with strenuous tasks. All 30 had significantly improved range of motion. Only three of the 33 volunteers reported no benefit.


In this limited sampling of volunteer use, no prolonged side effects were reported. All their daily function remained normal except for few who reported loose bowl movement for the initial three to four days at start of treatment that returned to normal after initial deviation. All reported greater freedom and significant improvement in quality of life. Many reported sound and uninterrupted sleep. Poor sleep was a chronic problem for this group.


Overall the Arthricept topical and oral combination regiment provided a significant reduction in pain and increased flexibility, better quality of life and freedom to do things they wanted to do. At the end of evaluation period many volunteers decided to continue with a maintenance dose of one capsule a day and use of the topical as need to enjoy a pain free life. None of the volunteers wanted to revert back to their pre-trial status.