A Combination of Tradition and Science Performance Based Products With Results

posted Oct 4, 2013, 11:12 AM by Rene Bayani

Imagine for a moment, a system of knowledge that has been continuously refined without interruption for thousands of years. While entire civilizations rose and fell in the West, Ayurvedic medicine wove like a continuous thread down through the ages, its keepers - building a rich tapestry of accumulated wisdom about the inner workings of herbs and human health.

These pioneers worked patiently. Adding a new herb to the eastern-pharmacopeia might take over 100 years of discovery, gaining an understanding of its subtle energetics, combining it with hundreds of other herbs to determine synergies and adversities, and testing it on humans in actual clinical settings. From this vast period of diligence has emerged a distinct set of thoroughly researched plant substances with known effects and interactions, a robust diagnostic system for reading imbalances and creating health in individuals, and a science of herbal formulation based on a finely tuned “balance” of ingredients that today remains unrivalled in modern pharmaceutical science.

The Health Naturally method of “balancing” traditional herb remedies and natural standardized, pharmaceutical grade, botanical extracts to correct imbalances at the cellular level and promote healthy cellular function is key to understanding why Arthricept formulations based in traditional Ayurvedic methods and pharmaceutical science work consistently better to provide better overall results.