Herbal Synergy Is A Key Principle To Understanding The Arthricept Products Effectiveness

posted Oct 4, 2013, 11:11 AM by Rene Bayani

Herbal formulation synergy is necessary not only for optimum product performance, but is also important for product safety to minimize side effects. The mechanisms of synergistic actions of herbal ingredients should be explored for designing new therapeutic products and for discovering new botanical combinations. Individual botanicals are typically sub therapeutic but can be efficacious in the right combination. Synergistic actions involve interactions with multiple sites, targets and pathways that are sensitively influenced by genetic, environmental, behavioral and scheduling profiles. Therefore, herbal ingredients need to be appropriately combined at specific concentrations or levels in accordance with these profiles and clinical evidence that supports their therapeutic benefits. These synergistic features are unique to phyto-therapy and it contributes both to efficacy and safety. A plant extract is more than the isolated constituents out of it and it can substantiate the perception that herbal medicinal products have something special to offer. Scientifically there is clinical bioequivalence of many plant extract formulations compared to synthetic drugs with the same therapeutic indications with better therapeutic benefits.

The Health Naturally system is a combination of a Nutraceutical (Arthricept) and a topical product (Arthricept T) that targets musculoskeletal pain. The two, together, were specifically designed through our technology to complement each other to maximize the benefits of each.

Our goal is to always produce efficacious products that reduce the signs of aging. Many supplement companies “dust” their products with botanicals or cosmeceutical actives in insignificant sub-therapeutic amounts for purposes of fragrance, label promotion, or cost savings.

Key cosmeceutical ingredients at the correct levels and right herbal combinations are essential for therapeutic changes to take place within the body. Herbs individually can minimally help the body, however, the right herbs in the right combination balanced for synergy using wisdom from Traditional Herbal Medicines can provide the consumer with true benefits to the health and well being of the consumer, and add to the improved quality and longevity of life.