Arthricept Pain Care (Combination)

Arthricept™ and Arthricept T™ Combination manages joint health safely and naturally to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Helps decrease joint pain, swelling and chronic joint conditions
  • Improves daily activity, reduces joint stiffness, improves joint mobility and range of motion
  • Manages the cause of muscle, joint pain and stiffness, not just the symptoms
  • Safe to use with no known interactions or adverse side effects
  • Helps manage back, neck and shoulder pain due to injuries and normal aging.

Arthricept Oral Capsule Supplement

Live a better quality active life - be proactive, eliminate pain, improve joint health
  • Provides pain relief for people suffering from chronic joint disorders
  • Helps decrease joint pain, stiffness and improve joint range of motion
  • Relieves joint swelling, promotes natural healing of joint tissue from wear and tear
  • All Natural, safe to use with no known interactions or adverse side effects
  • Helps maintain a healthy, pain free musculoskeletal system, improves quality of life



    Performance significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with   
     Arthricept T topical cream.”

Arthricept T - Topical Cream

Provides fast acting and long lasting relief of joint, muscle and back pain.
  • Provides quick, long lasting relief from chronic joint pain
  • Absorbs quickly and delivers consistent levels of natural analgesics over long periods
  • Fast acting pain relief after injury or strenuous exercise, does not stain your clothing
  • Contains 100% natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief ingredients
  • Boswellia, Cetyl Myristoleate help restore joint range of motion


    Use in combination with Arthricept oral capsules for improved long term 


Health Naturally International is committed to providing natural therapies that are supported by credible research and testing, using scientific technologies, techniques and methodologies - including clinical research when needed.  We want our customers to be well informed and able to choose the safest and highest quality health care treatments for chronic ailments.  We believe in the individual's right to take control of their own health. Health Naturally wants to be your partner in achieving this goal.  


Our products are designed and formulated to address the root cause of most chronic diseases - inflammation and oxidative stress to arrest further deterioration of the problem and help alleviate the condition, not just manage the disease symptoms   Our goal is to provide alternative choices to help you improve your overall "quality of life". Knowing tomorrow can be better than today can give you peace of mind and a greater sense of well being.  We want you to be able to take charge of your health not just for a short time but for a life time so you can live an active life again.  


Health Naturally products are safe, efficacious, and developed from all-natural sources.  Our products are designed with a focus on safety and performance unlike the standard pharmaceutical approach of risk/reward management. The risk/reward approach might be acceptable for acute life threatening conditions when drugs, like antibiotics are used for a short duration.  The body exposed to negative drug effects for a short time can recover.  However, when drug products are taken for extended periods to alleviate chronic symptoms the risk is greater since normal repair and recovery is more difficult.  Side effects from drugs taken for extended periods are compounded and can cause secondary and debilitating damage in other areas or organs and can even result in death  For chronic drug applications, safety should be of paramount concern to everyone.  

Health Naturally products are developed by selecting and combing safe, natural standardized extracts in clinically effective concentrations for optimal performance.  Utilizing targeted delivery techniques for enhanced bio-availability and quick uptake, effective formulations are designed to provide safe therapeutic choices for chronic ailments.  Except for specific individual sensitivities our products are safe for all users. 

The Company is also bringing Ayurvedic wisdom and knowledge behind the 5,000 year old system of holistic health and principles to western society in a contemporary form.  Health Naturally is at the forefront of pioneering the use of modern science and evidence based principles aimed at rediscovering and validating Ayurvedas' secrets to mine the immense healing power hidden within nature.  

The Companies natural and innovative therapies are designed to help people take control of their health to lead fuller, healthier and more active lives.  


Our culture of a high quality system used in our product development extends through the entire process from raw material procurement to manufacturing of the finished products.   We select vendors who conform to our standards and typically work with companies that are cGMP (US FDA Designation) and/or ISO certified.  We select high quality ingredients and superior extracts and choose product packaging that adequately protects our products - yet is not excessive to minimize the impact on the environment.  We institute validations and quality checks of all ingredients and all critical steps of production.  

The result is a high quality product that works as intended to provide consumers a high level of confidence and satisfaction.