All Natural Arthricept T - Topical Cream

Live a better quality active life - be proactive, eliminate pain, improve joint health
  • Provides pain relief for people suffering from chronic joint disorders
  • Helps decrease joint pain, stiffness and improve joint range of motion
  • Relieves joint swelling, promotes natural healing of joint tissue from wear and tear
  • All Natural, safe to use with no known interactions or adverse side effects
  • Helps maintain a healthy, pain free musculoskeletal system, improves quality of life


    Use in combination with Arthricept oral capsules for  improved long
     term benefits”

   Arthricept T is a next generation liposome based pain management topical treatment to help people manage musculoskeletal pain and swelling. There are no risky injections or greasy oils. Liposomes in Arthricept T are multilayered nanoparticle sized spheres loaded with active compounds. These liposomes penetrate through the skin carrying the encapsulated actives to the fat layer beneath the skin where they are absorbed. The actives are subsequently slowly released at a consistent rate in effective concentrations to the surrounding soft tissue delivering long lasting relief. Arthricept T interrupts inflammatory pathways at the diseased site which is the root cause of much musculoskeletal pain. Boswellia serrata in Arthricept T supports pain and inflammation management while Cetyl Myristoleate fatty acids (CFAs) lubricate the joints. Arthricept T safely improves range of motion without side effects.

   Arthricept T is unlike other topical pain treatments. You will be amazed how well it works. It absorbs quickly with little tingling sensation and leaves no strong odor. You will quickly feel the positive effects and fast relief from pain caused by exercising, trauma and acute injuries like sprains and bruises. Repetitive use injuries, soreness due to strenuous exercise and sports activities, neck and back pain and most types of arthritic pain can benefit from continued use for 2-3 weeks followed by use as needed. For any active person young or old the Arthricept products should be an integral item in your medicine cabinet to fight pain fast when an injury happens.


Boswellia serrata
Cetyl Myristeolate